AFL Grand Final 2023 Entertainment: KISS Rocks Pre-Game, Mark Seymour Headlines Halftime, and Kate Miller-Heidke Sings the Anthem”

AFL Grand Final 2023

“Halftime Show Starring Mark Seymour and Special Guest Kate Miller-Heidke”

The excitement is building as the AFL Grand Final 2023 approaches, and this year’s entertainment lineup promises to be a show-stopping spectacle. International rock icons KISS are set to headline the pre-game festivities, ensuring a night of electrifying performances. Let’s dive into the full lineup of artists who will grace the stage before the game, at halftime, and during the national anthem.

Pre-Game Extravaganza with KISS, William Barton, Jess Hitchcock, and Mike Brady

AFL Grand Final 2023
Credit: Fox Sports

KISS Saves the Day: Rock Legends Gear Up for AFL Grand Final

The 2023 Toyota AFL Grand Final will kick off with a bang as the legendary rock band KISS takes center stage during the pre-game entertainment. Stepping in to save the day after last-minute declines by Kylie Minogue and Crowded House, KISS, led by iconic frontman Paul Stanley, brings their global “End of the World” tour to the Grand Final.

With 44 albums under their belt and over 100 million albums sold worldwide, KISS is no stranger to rocking the biggest stages. Lead singer Paul Stanley expressed his excitement, stating, “It’s an honor for us to be here. Aussies are passionate, and certainly about this game. It’s going to be a challenge for us to be louder than the crowd, but we’re going to do our best.”

In a playful nod to past performances, Stanley assured fans, “We plan on blowing things up … and we promise you there’s no meatloaf on the menu.” It seems KISS is ready to set the stage on fire and create a memorable start to the Grand Final.

AFL Grand Final 2023: William Barton and Jess Hitchcock Join the Musical Fiesta

Adding a touch of Australian culture to the pre-game lineup, William Barton, Australia’s leading didgeridoo player, and Jess Hitchcock, a Melbourne-based Indigenous singer-songwriter, will also grace the stage. Their unique talents promise to captivate the audience and contribute to the diverse musical tapestry of the event.

William Barton’s mesmerizing didgeridoo performance, coupled with Jess Hitchcock’s soulful voice, will create a fusion of traditional and contemporary Australian sounds. The AFL Grand Final entertainment is set to be a celebration of not only sport but also the rich cultural heritage of the land.

AFL Grand Final 2023: Mike Brady’s Tribute to Ron Barassi Adds Emotional Touch

No AFL Grand Final is complete without the iconic voice of Mike Brady. Returning to the hallowed MCG turf, Brady will perform during the retiring player’s motorcade. In a touching tribute to the late Ron Barassi, a football legend who recently passed away, Brady revealed, “Because of the passing of the great Ronald Dale Barassi … I thought it would be nice to put him in there, so without pre-empting the line … I’ve added just a little bit about Barassi.”

Mike Brady, known for his classic football anthem “Up There Cazaly,” will bring an emotional resonance to the pre-game show, honoring a football icon and setting the stage for an unforgettable evening.

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Halftime Show Starring Mark Seymour and Special Guest Kate Miller-Heidke

Mark Seymour’s Sixth AFL Grand Final: A Nervous Thrill on the MCG Turf

As the first half of the Grand Final concludes, the entertainment continues with the halftime show featuring Australian singer Mark Seymour. This marks Seymour’s sixth appearance at an AFL Grand Final, and he couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of the celebration. Speaking about performing on the MCG turf, Seymour shared, “It’s a massive event, an incredibly powerful feeling … and whoever’s winning at halftime, you have to absorb that as part of your pre-gig psyche.”

Known as one of Australia’s most talented singer-songwriters, Seymour’s song “Holy Grail” has become the unofficial anthem of footy finals. His performance at halftime is sure to resonate with the 100,000 fans in the stadium and the millions watching at home.

AFL Grand Final 2023: Mark Seymour and Kate Miller-Heidke Promise a Memorable Halftime

AFL Grand Final 2023
Credit: Fox Sports

Joining Mark Seymour for a special guest performance at halftime is the versatile Kate Miller-Heidke. AFL EGM Commercial and Customer Kylie Rogers expressed excitement, stating, “Mark Seymour is one of Australia’s most talented singer-songwriters. His song ‘Holy Grail’ is the unofficial anthem of footy finals; it will be an absolute treat to have him perform at halftime for the 100,000 fans in-stadium and the millions watching at home.”

The halftime show promises an eclectic mix of musical genres, with Mark Seymour’s rock-infused tunes complemented by the unique style of Kate Miller-Heidke. The collaboration is set to deliver a performance that appeals to a wide audience, making it a memorable highlight of the Grand Final.

Kate Miller-Heidke’s Anthem: A Beautiful Moment of Togetherness

Adding an extra layer of emotion to the Grand Final, award-winning singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke will take on the prestigious role of performing the Australian national anthem. Reflecting on the significance of the moment, she said, “It’s a beautiful moment of togetherness. It’s a really gorgeous moment when we can realize that what unites us is so much greater than what divides us.”

Miller-Heidke’s soulful rendition of the national anthem is sure to resonate with the crowd, creating a sense of unity and pride as fans come together to celebrate not just a game of football but a shared sense of identity and belonging.

In conclusion, the AFL Grand Final 2023 promises a night of unparalleled entertainment, with a lineup that spans rock legends, indigenous performers, iconic Australian musicians, and a soulful anthem that binds the audience in a moment of togetherness. As the MCG prepares to host this grand spectacle, fans can anticipate a musical journey that adds an extra layer of excitement to Australia’s biggest sporting event.

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