“2025 DE CJ May Commits to Notre Dame Football: A Bright Future Ahead”


“Meet CJ May: Notre Dame’s Latest Defensive End Commit”

Notre Dame’s football program is buzzing with excitement as they secured a commitment from CJ May, a talented 2025 defensive end prospect. This significant development occurred during his visit to the Notre Dame campus. Let’s dive into the story of CJ May and discover why he chose to join the Fighting Irish.

Meet CJ May: Notre Dame’s Latest Defensive End Commit

CJ May, a promising young athlete from Highland Home, Alabama, made his commitment to Notre Dame on a memorable Saturday. This 6-foot-4, 225-pound recruit took his first steps towards becoming a Fighting Irish while visiting Notre Dame Stadium, where he joined fellow recruits from the 2024 and 2025 classes, just hours before the highly anticipated Ohio State game. As a result of this commitment, CJ May now stands among Notre Dame’s five recruits for the 2025 season.

The Journey to Commitment

For CJ May, the journey to committing to Notre Dame was not just about football; it was about the bonds he formed and the trust he developed with the coaching staff. May emphasized the importance of relationships in his decision-making process, stating, “The Irish program just really hits home for me, and the love I get from coaches on the daily just really sticks out to me because as a recruit, relationships are my No. 1 because you need to feel you can trust the coaches as if they’re a father or brother-like figure to you.” This heartfelt sentiment underscores the crucial role that the coaching staff played in convincing him to choose Notre Dame.


CJ May’s Impressive Rise

CJ May’s journey to becoming a Notre Dame recruit is a testament to his dedication and growth as a player. Initially, he caught the eye of recruiting analysts when he attended the All-American Combine in San Antonio back in January. At the time, he was a good-looking prospect who had the versatility to play as a linebacker or come off the edge.

However, since then, he has undergone significant physical development, evolving into a formidable 6-foot-4, 225-pound defensive end. His transformation has not gone unnoticed, as Rivals national recruiting analyst Adam Gorney attested, “He’s strong, tough, and fast off the edge, he loves to make the big hit and track people to get them on the ground. He’s definitely much bigger and stronger than he was about nine months ago, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he even got a little bigger by the time he gets to South Bend.”

This growth and development showcase CJ May’s commitment to his craft and his potential to make a significant impact on the football field. Notre Dame fans have every reason to be excited about the prospect of May joining their team.

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Notre Dame’s Soaring 2025 Recruiting Class

CJ May’s commitment adds another star to Notre Dame’s 2025 recruiting class, further solidifying their position as a force to be reckoned with in college football. With a total of 619 points, Notre Dame’s 2025 class now ranks as the third-best in the nation, trailing only behind college football powerhouses Georgia and Alabama.

This remarkable achievement speaks volumes about Notre Dame’s recruiting efforts and the allure of its program. The Fighting Irish have successfully attracted top-tier talent like CJ May, promising a bright future for their football team.

In conclusion, CJ May’s commitment to Notre Dame football represents a significant milestone in his budding career and a testament to the strong relationships he has forged with the coaching staff. His impressive growth as a player only adds to the anticipation surrounding his arrival in South Bend. Moreover, Notre Dame’s soaring 2025 recruiting class, now ranked third in the nation, underscores the program’s continued excellence in recruiting. As Notre Dame fans eagerly await May’s contributions on the field, one thing is certain: the Fighting Irish are building towards a promising future in college football.

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