“JKHCBA Jammu Urges Timely Redressal of Grievances Regarding Sarore Toll Plaza and Smart Electric Meters”

Sarore Toll Plaza and Smart Electric Meters

In a press conference that drew a substantial crowd, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association (JKHCBAJ), led by Senior Advocate Vikram Sharma as President, strongly advocated for the swift resolution of public grievances concerning the Sarore Toll Plaza and smart electric meters. The association emphasized the need for addressing these issues promptly and effectively, while also highlighting its commitment to championing the genuine causes of the Jammu region.

The center of attention during the press conference was the recent plight faced by commuters and the public on the Jammu-Kathua segment of the National Highway. Despite this section of the highway being rendered unusable due to the damaging floods, the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) continues to impose toll charges at the Sarore Toll Plaza. President Vikram Sharma underscored that until this portion of the National Highway is fully restored for public use, the collection of toll fees at the Sarore Toll Plaza should be temporarily suspended. Sharma emphasized the historical commitment of JKHCBAJ to advocating for the legitimate concerns of the people and expressed optimism that both the NHAI and the Ministry of Road and Transport would promptly address these grievances.

In addition to the toll plaza issue, President Sharma voiced concerns regarding the inaccuracies and inflated billing associated with smart electric meters. Recent press coverage highlighted the challenges consumers are facing due to faulty billing. Despite these difficulties, consumers have consistently honored their electricity dues. President Sharma urged the relevant authorities, particularly the Jammu Power Development Corporation Ltd. (JPDCL), to ensure that smart meters accurately reflect the units consumed by each individual consumer. This move would contribute to fair and transparent billing practices, enhancing consumer trust and satisfaction.

President Vikram Sharma also seized the opportunity to call for broader exemptions for property tax and a simplified method for calculating property tax. He stressed the importance of these measures in ensuring that the average citizen can comprehend and fulfill their tax obligations more conveniently. By making tax regulations more accessible and comprehensible, the administration can foster a sense of transparency and civic responsibility among the general public.

The press conference showcased a unified front, with several key members of the association standing alongside President Sharma. Amit Gupta, Vice-President; Parvesh Singh Salaria, General Secretary; Chetan Misri, Joint Secretary; Utkarsh Pathania, Treasurer; and Rohit Sharma, President of the Young Lawyer Association, were among those who demonstrated solidarity with the cause. Additionally, Gagandeep Singh Lucky, Vice President of YLA; Yaseer Farooq Khan, General Secretary of YLA; Karanjeet Singh Johal, Joint Secretary; and Naresh Kumar, Treasurer, collectively emphasized the association’s commitment to addressing the pressing issues facing the Jammu region.

The press conference organized by JKHCBAJ underscored the critical importance of promptly addressing the grievances related to the Sarore Toll Plaza and smart electric meters. With a united voice, the association advocates for transparent and fair solutions that uphold the rights and interests of the people. The spotlight is now on the NHAI, the Ministry of Road and Transport, and the relevant authorities to respond positively and promptly to these legitimate concerns, ensuring a just and prosperous future for the region.

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