“Meta’s Deletion of Oculus Accounts: How to Save Your Purchases and Progress”

Meta's Deletion of Oculus Accounts

Meta’s decision to delete original Oculus accounts has left many users worried about losing their purchased games, achievements, and in-app purchases. If you haven’t migrated your account yet, here’s what you need to know and how to save everything before the deadline.

The Risk of Losing Your Oculus Account

If you own the original Oculus Quest, your account is at risk of deletion, along with all your saved data and purchases. Meta’s transition away from the Oculus brand means that accounts not migrated to Meta will be deleted, leaving users without access to their games and achievements.

The Transition to Meta Accounts

Several years ago, Facebook rebranded to Meta and introduced the option to sign in with a Meta account instead of a Facebook account on Oculus devices. However, some users failed to migrate their accounts to Meta, putting them at risk of losing everything associated with their original Oculus account.

The Warning Email

Affected users have been sent warning emails notifying them of the impending deletion of their Oculus accounts. The email informs users about the need to migrate to a Meta account and specifies the date of deletion, giving users a deadline to take action before losing access to their accounts.

Importance of Checking Your Email

If you’re unsure whether you received the warning email, it’s crucial to check your inbox, including any old email addresses associated with your Oculus account. Missing the email could result in losing your account and all associated purchases.

How to Save Your Account

Saving your Oculus account is a straightforward process. By following a few simple steps, you can migrate your account to Meta and ensure that all your purchases and progress are retained.

Migrating to a Meta Account

To migrate your account, visit the provided link and sign up for a Meta account using the same email address you used for your Oculus account. Once your account is successfully migrated, you’ll retain access to all your games, achievements, and in-app purchases.

Meta’s deletion of Oculus accounts underscores the importance of migrating to a Meta account to avoid losing access to your purchased games and progress. By heeding the warning email and following the simple steps to migrate your account, you can ensure that everything associated with your Oculus account is safely transferred to Meta, preserving your gaming experience.

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