Putin’s Health Latest News: Kremlin Denies Cardiac Arrest Report and Body Double Rumors

lPutin's Health Latest News

Putin’s Health Latest News: In recent days, the internet has been abuzz with speculation about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The intrigue was sparked when a Telegram channel named General SVR, known for tracking Kremlin activities, released a statement claiming that Putin had experienced a “cardiac arrest” on a Sunday evening. The channel went a step further, alleging that recent public appearances, even during foreign visits, had been orchestrated by body doubles or possibly multiples. These revelations sent shockwaves across the globe. However, the Kremlin, Russia’s seat of power, was quick to dismiss these reports and even shared a laugh over the notion of body doubles.

Latest news on Putin health: Kremlin Rejects Cardiac Arrest Report

The response from the Kremlin was swift and unequivocal. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov was straightforward in his denial of the cardiac arrest report, stating, “Everything is fine with him, this is absolutely another fake.” The official Kremlin stance was crystal clear; they did not acknowledge any health concerns surrounding President Putin.

Putin's Health Latest News

Putin’s Health Latest News: Laughter Over Body Double Rumors

As if to further emphasize the incredibility of these allegations, Peskov laughed off the rumors of body doubles, referring to them as “absurd information hoaxes.” He expressed his amusement at the media’s tenacity in discussing such ideas. The Kremlin’s stance on this matter was resolute, asserting that there was no basis for these wild claims.

Mysterious Telegram Channel’s Claims

The General SVR Telegram channel, which put forth these sensational claims, insisted that Putin’s health had taken a serious turn. They recounted an incident that occurred at approximately 21:05 Moscow time, in which security officers supposedly heard noises and the sound of objects falling in the president’s bedroom. Rushing to the scene, they discovered Putin lying on the floor beside his bed, with an overturned table and scattered food and drinks. The channel’s description of the event was dramatic, with Putin reportedly convulsively arching and rolling his eyes. According to them, doctors who were on duty at the residence, located in an adjacent room, were called immediately.

The Telegram channel had been frequently raising concerns about Putin’s health, alleging that he was battling oncology and several other illnesses. They claimed that this recent case of cardiac arrest had deeply unsettled Putin’s inner circle, especially as attending doctors had previously cautioned that he was very ill and unlikely to live until the end of autumn. However, it’s crucial to remember that the General SVR channel remains shrouded in mystery, making it challenging to assess the credibility of their claims.

latest news on putin health

Putin’s Recent Activities and Past Denials

President Putin had recently made a significant appearance in China, attending the tenth summit of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). This raised questions about his health, considering the allegations circulating on social media. It’s important to note that this is not the first time such rumors have circulated about Putin’s health. In a 2020 interview, Putin denied the use of body doubles, stating that while he had been offered the chance to use one in the past for security reasons, he ultimately rejected the idea.

In summary, the recent reports of a cardiac arrest and the use of body doubles by President Putin have been met with firm denials and laughter from the Kremlin. While the mysterious Telegram channel’s allegations have generated intrigue, they remain unverified. Putin’s recent public appearances, including his visit to China, hint at a president who continues to be active on the international stage. As with any breaking news, it’s essential to approach such claims with a healthy dose of skepticism, relying on official sources for accurate information. Putin’s health, as of now, remains a subject of rumor and debate, but the Kremlin insists that everything is in order.

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