WWE Hall of Famer Envisions Epic WrestleMania Rematch in 2024

Road Dogg’s Bold WrestleMania XL Proposal

Renowned WWE Hall of Famer and influential figure within the company, “Road Dogg” Brian James, is already conjuring up captivating ideas for WrestleMania XL, slated for next April. With his extensive experience, Road Dogg is igniting the speculation surrounding potential matchups for the grand event.


WrestleMania’s Evolution: A Two-Night Extravaganza

Continuing the trend of the past five years, WrestleMania is set to dazzle fans with a spectacular two-night showcase, set against the backdrop of the colossal Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While the official match lineup remains undisclosed, the wrestling community is abuzz with creative suggestions for WWE’s flagship extravaganza.

Road Dogg’s Vision: A Rematch of Legends

In a recent episode of his popular podcast, “Oh You Didn’t Know,” WWE’s Senior Vice President of Live Events, Road Dogg, was prompted to reveal his dream matchup for WrestleMania. His immediate response laid out a thrilling proposal: Roman Reigns versus Cody Rhodes II.

A Compelling Rivalry Rekindled

Road Dogg passionately advocated for the continuation of the gripping saga between Reigns and Rhodes. “Cody vs. Roman 2,” he declared emphatically, drawing attention to the electrifying heat surrounding the feud. He highlighted the organic connection between Cody and the audience, acknowledging Cody’s rare achievement of embodying a genuine real-life babyface.

Unfinished Business and Redemption

Cody Rhodes’ prior encounter with Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 became a hot topic in the wrestling community, sparking debates that reverberated for weeks. The aftermath, including Cody’s unexpected assault by Brock Lesnar, fueled speculation about his future in WWE. However, recent events signal a potential turnaround for Cody, as he triumphed over Lesnar at SummerSlam, solidifying his resurgence.

As anticipation builds for WrestleMania XL, Road Dogg’s captivating proposition of a Roman Reigns versus Cody Rhodes II showdown adds a new layer of excitement to the grand spectacle. With the wrestling world eager to witness the evolution of this storied rivalry, all eyes remain fixed on the horizon of WWE’s flagship event.

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