Sarore Toll Plaza and Smart Electric Meters

“JKHCBA Jammu Urges Timely Redressal of Grievances Regarding Sarore Toll Plaza and Smart Electric Meters”

In a press conference that drew a substantial crowd, the Jammu and Kashmir High Court Bar Association (JKHCBAJ), led by Senior Advocate Vikram Sharma as President, strongly advocated for the swift resolution of public grievances concerning the Sarore Toll Plaza and smart electric meters. The association emphasized the need for addressing these issues promptly and…

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“Arsenal vs Crystal Palace Premier League Showdown: Kick-off Date and Streaming Details”

As the Premier League action continues to captivate football enthusiasts around the globe, the upcoming clash between Crystal Palace and Arsenal promises to be a highlight of the season. Scheduled to take place at Selhurst Park, this fixture holds immense significance for both clubs following their triumphant starts to the campaign. In this article, we…

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satwiksairaj rankireddy and chirag shetty

“Rising Champions: Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty at the BWF World Championships

The First Half of 2023 Will Be Spectacular: India’s Double Delight The dynamic combo of Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty has stolen the spotlight in badminton, demonstrating outstanding prowess in the first half of 2023. They have sparked India’s aspirations for a coveted gold medal at the Copenhagen World Championships as the reigning World No….

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ISRO: Leading India’s Space Odyssey & Beyond

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO): a name that resonates with space exploration, technological innovation, and national pride. Established with a vision to propel India’s presence in the cosmos, ISRO has embarked on an inspiring journey of discovery, pushing the boundaries of space science and technology. From its historic roots to its future aspirations, let’s…

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World Photography Day: Capturing Moments, Creating Memories Through the Lens

World Photography Day, observed annually on the 19th of August, serves as a tribute to the incredible art of photography and its pivotal role in documenting history, expressing emotions, and fostering cultural understanding. This day provides a platform to appreciate the photographers who freeze moments in time and enlighten us through their creative lenses. Photography,…

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“Mask Girl’ Review: An Ambitious K-Drama Ride That Falters in Pursuit of Intricacy”

Unmasking the Twists and Turns of an Exciting New K-Drama “Mask Girl,” the latest Korean thriller series, bursts onto the scene with an array of gripping elements, only to find itself entangled in its own ambitions as the story unfolds. In a landscape dominated by K-dramas, this show ventures into uncharted territories, akin to the…

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WWE Hall of Famer Envisions Epic WrestleMania Rematch in 2024

Road Dogg’s Bold WrestleMania XL Proposal Renowned WWE Hall of Famer and influential figure within the company, “Road Dogg” Brian James, is already conjuring up captivating ideas for WrestleMania XL, slated for next April. With his extensive experience, Road Dogg is igniting the speculation surrounding potential matchups for the grand event. WrestleMania’s Evolution: A Two-Night…

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Can allergies cause fever: Understanding Fever with Allergy-Like Symptoms: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Fever, often associated with infections, can sometimes accompany allergy-like symptoms, causing confusion for individuals. This article delves into the various potential causes of fever, explores allergy symptoms, presents treatment options, and offers guidance on seeking medical assistance when needed. Can allergies cause fever: Unraveling the Connection Between Allergies and Fever 1. Allergies vs. Other Illnesses…

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